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  Hi! My name is Amanda and I was born and grew up here in the beautiful state of Maine. I live here with my husband, two daughters, and our cat Oscar.  I love to travel, but I can't imagine living and raising my daughters anyplace else!

  As the first child, there were plenty of photographs of me, and even one of my mother while pregnant with me, all taken by my father. I treasure those images, all organized into albums years ago by my mother. To look back and see them in their 20's, to see my mother smiling with the joy of carrying her first baby,  just as I felt as I carried Adelaide. I am able to share how I looked as a newborn and toddler with my daughters and joyfully look for the similarities between us. My grandmother fortunately saved photographs taken of herself and her siblings in front of their home that are immeasurably precious to me.

  My passion is capturing the timeless images of your family being themselves. I believe that moments of play and love and just being yourselves together is just as important as the “perfect” picture of everyone looking and smiling at the camera. A smile is beautiful, but so are the quiet moments. Glances exchanged between you and your spouse, that sideways look of your toddler before they try something a little naughty, reading stories or dancing together as a family, your older children gently touching their new baby sibling; these are all part of our life and moments worthy of being remembered. They are a record of your family as your story is being written.

  I believe memories are best when savored. Glancing at them on the wall across the room or in album where they can be shared, enjoyed, recalled, and laughed about together. A moment that will bring the emotions of time with your children, grandchildren, grandparents, flooding back in an instant. I believe in sitting down and looking through your albums with your children, parents, and grandparents and sharing your history. In having the moment where you realize your toddler looks so much like your grandmother at the same age, your teenage son takes after his great grandfather, or you all have the same eye crinkle when you smile. The richness gained from adding your story to theirs and continuing to share it with the next generation. That is why I love being a family photographer. The time I spend getting to know you and providing this record of your history is what brings me satisfaction and joy in my work. Thank you for sharing this journey!

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