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  Cancer. These days it is not only a scary word, but oh, so commonly heard. I don’t think I know a single adult who hasn’t had a friend, family member, or have themselves fought or lost a battle with cancer. Seven years ago I lost my grandmother to cancer, not long after her diagnosis of metastatic cancer. She and her doctors had failed to recognize other symptoms of ill health as related to cancer until it was already in several parts of her body, including her brain. I’m only glad I was able to share with her the news that Dillon and I were expecting our first child while she was still in good enough health to share in our excitement. So many of my friends have been more fortunate in surviving their cancer and I am thankful every day for their continued health and to have them in my life. Recently I learned that a longtime acquaintance (I only wish I could have known her still better and called her a friend) had passed away. Her 4 year battle with Metastatic breast cancer was over, and a truly friendly and kind woman was no longer able to watch her children grow up. I have been wanting to find a way to give back to others with my photography and this business, and her life was a perfect example of how to be positive, see good in others, and find beauty in the world, much as I try to live my own.

  Beginning in 2017, Wild Orchard Studios will be donating 5% of the net session fee from every photo session in honor of Renata, my grandmother Alice, and other friends and family who have fought cancer. The proceeds will be donated directly to Metavivor, a Metastatic Breast Cancer research organization who puts 100% of donated funds into research grants. Currently, only 2-3% of money raised for breast cancer research is used for researching Metastatic Breast Cancer. Click here to read more about this cancer. If you would like to make an individual donation of your own, click here.

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