Women Talk Health - wildorchard

Two lovely friends of mine have begun a quest to help others find their way to health through real food. We spent a lovely afternoon cooking and photographing this winter, and boy! do they know how to make simple vegetables taste amazing. Priscilla and Christine are super easy to talk to and can help you start with small changes or a whole "clean body kick start." What is real food? They put it best in one of their original blog posts;

"Real food…sounds simple, right? Yet a trip to the grocery store proves just how removed we’ve become from the concept of eating what is grown, picked, or raised. Packaged and prepared foods, with their long list of foreign ingredients have become the staples of the American diet.....Our bodies do not do a good job of recognizing these foreign substances. We must do something- everyBODY does better with real food!"

Check out the full post here, or head to their homepage here. Whether you want to simply learn a bit more about how to be healthy or are looking for a way to address some of your everyday health issues through a better diet, these two ladies are a bounty of information and simply lovely to speak to! 

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