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  I've been busy the last couple months, taking a bit of time to get ready for my new little girl. With Adelaide starting preschool this fall and Cecelia due late October,  a lot of time was spent getting used to a new schedule and working on last minute baby preparations. 

  Finally, NINE days after her due date, sweet Cecelia arrived! She came with only 11 hours of labor, and I was grateful to manage it again without any medications. Dillon and Ashley (my doula) were both amazing support, suggesting alternatives whenever something seemed to stop working. The overwhelming feelings of love, wonder, and amazement when your new baby is placed on your chest is something I will never forget, it was equally full of emotion as it was with my first daughter. 

  Our transition to a family of four is still in the beginning. I know some days it is hard for Adelaide to come to terms with the fact that she is not our only child, but I am so happy to see also how much she loves her little sister already. 

  Mostly, through the slight haze of sleep deprivation, I am just enjoying my baby. Her tiny hands wrapped around my finger, the shape of her lips as she sleeps on my chest after breastfeeding, the little cooing sounds she makes...these are the moments I try to fix in my mind and capture in my images. Of course, I couldn't resist having a little fun with my props, too. 

  So here is my beautiful distraction, my newest love, my Cecelia. 

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