Maine Family Photographer - Week 9/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 9/52. This week just came down to a few simple moments of my daughters doing things they rarely do. One of the things I appreciate most about being a photographer and this project has been seeing the patterns of our activities. Some weeks go by nearly unchanged, but others small changes pop out.

  We attended the 4th birthday of our good friends' son on Saturday. It was a fun party, with a bounce house and plenty of children, but one of my favorite things about it was the mere fact that Cecelia actually kept a hat on her head for more than 5 seconds. It was definitely a moment worth recording! 

  We have been taking advantage of all the warmish days that have come our way. Getting the girls back inside to make dinner requires patience and quite often bribery by cocoa! There were many silly pictures this week of Adelaide, but getting a straight face from her has been so rare lately, I just love her serious face in this image. 

Cecelia week 9/52

adelaide week 9/52

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