Maine Family Photographer - Week 6/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 6/52. The big snowstorm last week started out so quietly, with medium-sized gentle snowflakes drifting down. Cecelia is obsessed with the pink LL Bean rain boots handed down from my niece, grabbing them from the closet when I happen to try to put them away. So of course she was already wearing them and we ran outside for a few quick photos. Last winter the weather was crazy, super cold so she wasn't outside much, and so far this winter the snow has been rare. Her sweet amazement in the snowflakes made me so glad we had taken that moment by ourselves to quietly observe and grateful that this project pushes me to record not only our routine but moments outside of it. Adelaide has always been fascinated by her bedroom window and the world viewed through it. So many of my portraits of her the last 5 years have been in the space beside it or within its light. I can't resist more.

Cecelia week 6/52

Adelaide week 6/52

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