Maine Family Photographer - Week 5/52 #the52project - wildorchard

  Week 5/52. This has to be the strangest winter weather in Maine I can ever recall. Almost no snow, temperatures ranging from below freezing to 55 from one day to the next...and in February!!! So when we had a little storm at the end of the week last week, we had to go outside and admire the glorious beauty of fresh snow on the trees in the peachy morning light. Adelaide loves snow, and her excitement brought out ALL her dramatic tendencies. This was one of my favorite pictures of her, it is just so HER to respond to my request to look toward me for a moment in this way.

  Cecelia loves my camera lately. I think this project is to blame for her obsession, having the camera so nearby all the time in case the right moment occurs. This week it was all I could do to get a few photos of her without her trying to grab it from me and start pushing her favorite buttons non.stop...

Adelaide 5/52

Cecelia 5/52

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