Maine Family Photographer - Week 4/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 4/52. I think the craziest part of this challenge so far is the clear demarcation of time. Can it be 4 weeks already?! Weekly I am seeing changes in my girls, more often they are new words or phrases picked up at school, but I know at the end of the year I will see the changes in their faces and bodies and wonder again how the year ever went by so quickly. I documented our weekly time spent together on homework. Adelaide has come so far in her reading skills, but still needs my help to be clear on the directions of the little worksheet her teacher gives them each week. I love seeing her concentration as she chooses just the right colors to fill in her words or color the boxes, and as she draws her best letters and straightest lines. 

  Cecelia has finally in the last couple months begun to love books! I am a voracious reader, so I am super grateful she has jumped on the bandwagon :)  Last week I introduced her to Little Blue Truck, it is full of great animal sounds and truck sounds that are perfect for a 15 month old to chime in and practice with! It was a gift from my cousin when Adelaide was a similar age and was read constantly for several years. 

Adelaide 4/52

Cecelia 4/52

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