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Week 15/52. As strange as the idea feels, for this generation Kindergarten usually comes hand in hand with homework. At first I felt hesitant. Was it too much to ask of my barely 5 year old to devote time to worksheets while at home? We do plenty of reading together and they certainly do a lot more at school than when I was in kindergarten! But we did them anyway, at the beginning with me reading all the directions to her as she worked through the 4 quarter sheets of paper that make up her homework for the week. Most weeks it would take an hour at the most to finish all of it in one night. With the school year almost over, I can't say I'll miss having the work to do, but there have been some wonderful benefits. It is usually time spent alone with her, it has shown me she is capable of focusing on a task other than drawing a picture she really wanted to make, and she has shown me how much she has really learned this year. I get to hear her read the directions out loud herself, to count by 2's or 5's or from 65 to 89, to recognize left and right, learn which punctuation is correct or what letter is missing from a word. These days it rarely takes less than half an hour to finish her work, and I really help her more to keep myself in the loop than because she needs me. This moment in time will soon be over, and with any luck next year she'll still want me nearby to help.

Cecelia is always on the move and LOVES to be outside. Her frequent plea (out)"Side, pweese! Boots off!" She is still a little confused about off and on, but considering the amount she can communicate at 18 months, we'll worry about it later ;) It is full time parenting running around after her, making sure she spits out all the non-food items she inevitably sneaks into her little mouth the second we glance away, and let's not get into trying to keep socks on this one! All I can say is, tights are your friend, tights under EVERYTHING. Forget the socks, and thank goodness summer is almost here!

Adelaide 15/52


cecelia 15/52

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