Maine Family Photographer - Week 14/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 14/52. This week began with Easter Sunday, what a way to begin; family, sunshine, lots of good food I didn't have to prepare myself...

  I ordinarily try to choose an image for each girl that contains only her, but this week I kept coming back to this one of Adelaide. She is so many things, but this is one of my favorite moments I've captured of her being a big sister. I know when we had Cecelia we gave up certain things you enjoy when you have an only child, we had that for 4 entire years. When I see them together like this, her smile for her sister large on her face, the love and excitement in her eyes, I know that what we replaced those things with was worthwhile. The bond with these sisters is good, it is constantly growing and shifting, and it is utterly priceless. 

  Cecelia has found that she loves birds. She is always on the look for them, and gasps when she sees one outside. Often it is followed by "Mama, bird! Chick-dee!" They are often chickadee's, but always for Cecelia. I guess we'll add more bird names to our (mental) vocab list for this summer!

Adelaide 14/52

Cecelia 14/52

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