Maine Family Photographer - Week 13/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 13/52. A few weeks ago Dillon went in for a checkup at our doctor's office and saw they offered masks at the entry for any patients who are possibly contagious. Naturally, since  Adelaide has a great imagination, sense of drama, and asked for (and received) a doctor's kit this past Christmas, he grabbed a couple for her to add to her kit. Which really meant that she put one of them on as soon as he handed them to her and wore it until dinner. I don't always understand exactly who or what she is pretending to be when she dresses in her often crazy costumes, but I love that she fully commits to her character. One of my greatest wishes for her as she grows is that she continues to imagine as deeply and with such enjoyment. "Magic and wonder are waiting for you, it's as close as a dream..." - Zoobilee Zoo (showing my 80's childhood here, how many of you remember this awesomeness?!)

  Cecelia's animal obsession includes our plastic bouncy horse. She climbs up, hooks her leg over the other side, and starts rocking. "Yee-haw, mama, peas. Yee-haaaw!" I stand beside her like the worrier I try not to be, just to make sure she doesn't fling herself down from 3 feet off the floor, but she hangs on tightly and just keeps going. She has a very stubborn independent streak, one I don't remember Adelaide having until closer to 2, but maybe some of those memories have just faded. They both are strong babes, doing more than their mama is ready for them to do. I'm just along for this ride, keeping them as safe as a mama can while they enjoy this beautiful childhood. 

Adelaide 13/52

Cecelia 13/52

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