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Week 11/52. This has been the most unpredictable and unseasonable winter we have had in my memory. I appreciate the opportunities for outside play without our snowpants, but seriously, a winter with no snowmen!? And the extended mud season is not quite appreciated, either. But for all that, it is officially spring and I am ready.  As we prepare for another storm to come on the second day of spring, I dream of lounging in the late afternoon sunshine, picnics on old blankets with my girls, trips to the beach, and the simple luxury of going outdoors with no coat! Until then, here are our photos of another week of winter-ish.

Pretend play with Adelaide under the fort; we are superheroes (thank you junior justice league show on netflix...) and this is our base. We are gathering our forces before heading out to track down a wolf pack that is causing trouble. Clues are everywhere, but we must be careful to stay out of sight, they could attack if they realize we are coming for them. Give her any starting point, her imagination is boundless. I imagine her someday, grown up, as an actress, a writer, an artist...she loves science and nature, but the gift of an imagination as fertile as hers I think must be put to good use.

Cecelia, it seems, has a larger vocabulary every day. Still only 16 months, however, she can't really relate full thoughts, and when I see her gazing off down the lane I wonder what can be so captivating. Soon enough, my little one, you will share your desires, your hopes, dreams, the little details of your day when we are apart. I look forward to it even as I sit here wondering where this day has gone, this week, and how it is possible that in just over a week you will be 17 whole months old. You are nearly a year and a half old and yet it seems like maybe it was just last week that you were just eating your first foods and laughing your first deep scratchy belly laughs.

Oh, what a crazy time warp parenthood can be, both slow and quick and full of moments which we can't get through fast enough but then once over, wish would never end. You can be exhausting, but how I love you both!

Adelaide 11/52

Cecelia 11/52

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