Maine Family Photographer - Project Motherhood: Annie - wildorchard

  Last year I saw the images from the first year of the photo series Project Motherhood by Jayme Lang and they were simply stunning! I love creating the playful outdoor scenes and images from my usual family sessions, but these images touched me because they captured the beauty and the messiness that sums up the everyday life of motherhood. Thankfully, Jayme graciously agreed to share her perfect project title 😊  check out Project Motherhood to see her amazing images that served as my inspiration. This year I want to document YOUR motherhood story. So come out from behind the cameras, mamas, and invite me in to capture your lovely moments of everyday life in all their glory.

  Because THESE are the days mamas. The first time we hold them outside of our bodies. The first eye contact, first smile, first tooth. Bedtime stories, loud wet kisses, cozy cuddles, the first big squeezy hug. The tantrums, the picky appetite, the boo-boos we kiss until they feel better. The rush to get to school on time, helping with homework, School concerts. The preschool graduations and before we know it the high school graduations, they are all moments that make up our everyday life. Sometimes they feel as though they go on forever, then next month we're wondering "when was the last time they asked for their Snuggie or said pick-a-bee instead of peekaboo?" I click my shutter several more times and take a deep breath, trying to memorize your unique scent in this moment; banana breath, peanut butter from your fingers, paint on your clothes. It is so different from your baby smell, of Tubby Todd lavender baby lotion, breast milk, and diaper cream. For me, photos are an essential part of my memories. Today, I see you as you are in this moment. Tomorrow something will be different, and I'm reminded how grateful I am to be a part of your life.

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