Maine Family Photographer - Week 34/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 34/52. Adelaide turns 6 this week. We looked at old videos and photos of her when she was little, both feeling a little disbelief that she was ever that tiny. She becomes more independent every week. I am both glad and sad when faced with her increasing growth and self-sufficiency; thankful that I have a little less to do, thankful of the feeling we are doing a good job raising her to be strong and kind and hopefully confident, sad that I'm not as needed, sad that her feet reach my knees when I carry her. She was so excited to go for a little ride down the road for a special birthday photo session. Every day I drive by this field of purple loosestrife on my way to work and purple is one of her favorite colors. I couldn't think of a more appropriate  subject than the special girl who's birth made me a mother. 

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