Maine Family Photographer - Week 33/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 33/52. Summer is coming to an end and I'm just soaking up the hours before school begins and I don't have as much time with my Adelaide. First grade this year! I am glad she is excited but with 2 years of school behind us I know I miss her at home when she is gone. So we will play and soak up the warm sunshine and stay in the moment. 

  Cecelia is becoming more a child than a toddler every day. She still has plenty of tantrums and brings me to my wits' end repeatedly eating things that are NOT food, but she has so many full sentences and conversations and ideas to communicate! Thank goodness for small moments of silly faces and merely grass in her mouth rather than chalk. 

Adelaide week 33/52


Cecelia week 33/52

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