Maine Family Photographer - Week 32/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 32/52. So many times I look at Adelaide and I wish I could see what she sees. I think the world from her eyes has a rosy glimmer surrounding it. Wonder and imagination and every item in the world personified as her playmates. I still feel magic just might be possible when I see a beautiful purple sunset or the perfect shimmery late afternoon sunlight glows through the green leaves of summer...this girl of mine, she knows it is possible all the time.

  Cecelia has the sweetest curly hair. She is my baby, my last baby, and sometimes it is a little harder watching her outgrow something knowing I won't do it with one of my babies again. This image captures more than her ringlets; now that her hair has gotten longer, she loves to feel it on her back when she is "nekked." She tilts back her head, shaking it side to side, so she can feel it swishing across her back, wearing a big grin the whole time. Its the little things I want to remember most from their childhood, and the little things that get me through even the hardest of days with them. I can't wait to put together their albums at the end of the year and share this year worth of small moments with them as they grow.

Adelaide week 32/52


Cecelia week 32/52

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