Maine Family Photographer - Week 29/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 29/52. It had been weeks since our last family beach night, so I spent naptime making our favorite pasta salad and Dillon grilled a steak and we packed it all up for a beach picnic at Winslow Park in Freeport. We played on the fantastic playground before sitting down to eat. Thank goodness I sliced the steak into strips before we left, because I managed to forget cutlery. We dined toddler-style with our fingers while perching on the picnic table, and it all tasted great, maybe because of the messy fingers! 

  After dinner we changed into swimsuits and went to play in the sand and water. We ran, we made a tower and covered it in seaweed, shells, and fresh flowers, we climbed up the rocks, and we splashed. Adelaide found an old drink lid on the beach and as usual began to use it to carry sand around. She has such a knack for joyfully "reusing" found trash for play that I have a hard time telling her to leave things alone unless they are actually dangerous. Cecelia fortunately found nothing, since in her hands it would have gone to her mouth instead of being filled with sand. The life of a parent, perpetually trying to keep crazy kids alive into adulthood. 

  The light was beautiful, the roses were in bloom, and we were together at the ocean. All in all, I would have to call it a perfect summer night in Maine. 

Adelaide week 29/52

Cecelia Week 29/52

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