Maine Family Photographer - Week 27/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 27/52. Every year for the last decade or more we have gone camping with some of our best friends in Acadia National Park, something we began long before we started having children. They certainly add plenty of complications to simple tent camping in the park, but between keeping them from running off down the lane and making sure they don't eat the pebbles, I am so glad we have this time to show them part of what makes our state so beautiful! 

  A few years ago we discovered one of the most stunning lakes on the island, Echo Lake. The water is always just smooth enough to reflect the blue skies, green cliffs border the nearest edges of the beach on one side and the other a lily-covered bird nesting area full of tadpoles and small fish. We always stay too long and mess up naptime, but our time there is worth every minute!

Adelaide week 27/52

Cecelia week 27/52

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