Maine Family Photographer - Week 26/52 #the52project - wildorchard

  Week 26/52. Father's Day found us heading to our favorite beach this year, Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg. I love playing with the girls at this beach more when the tide is partway or all the way out more than when it is full! There are so many great tidepools to play in and (as an artist) so many more great textures to see and feel in the sand. Adelaide loved the huge driftwood found on the beach, both as a fort when on end and as a tightrope laying down. Nature will always be one of the best playgrounds. 

  Cecelia had the most fun playing in one of the large tidal pool areas. We found tiny needle fish, hermit crabs, and sea snails. The water was mostly shallow, making it great for splashing and easy to grab large handfuls of wet sand for throwing around. She loves to be chased, and that is how this huge grin was captured, just after I began chasing her and shouting out "I'm going to get you!" It works every time :) 

Adelaide 26/52

Cecelia 26/52

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