Maine Family Photographer - Week 25/52 #the52project - wildorchard

  Week 25/52. Just like that, the last week of school. Adelaide had step-up day, met her teacher for first grade, a field trip to York Wild Kingdom, a field day full of games, and kindergarten was over. Maybe it was seeing her first real lions that inspired her play this week. She hid amongst the tall grasses growing in part of our yard and stalked me like a lion stalks its prey. She hid very carefully most of the time, slowly and quietly making her way toward me on her hands and knees. I feel some of the pleasure of a photographer in the wild capturing her in this moment between the shorter grasses and flowers as she imagined herself in an African savannah. 

  Adelaide picked Cecelia a daisy to put in her hair and amazingly she left it in for several minutes. Cecelia runs around getting into everything at this age, and I chose this image in part for the soft, pretty light on her skin, but also to help me remember down the road that occasionally she sits still and has a quiet, thoughtful moment. I love her little hand playing with her curls. She may just be deciding what trouble to get into next, but I hope she was also looking around her and thinking, as I was, that this moment of the evening is just beautiful. Right now that is enough.

Adelaide 25/52

Cecelia 25/52

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