Maine Family Photographer - Week 24/52 #the52project - wildorchard

  Week 24/52. Normally summer comes and goes and we never seem to make it to the beach enough. Well, this summer we are starting things out on the right foot with a picnic dinner at one of my favorite beaches, Popham Beach State Park. Popham is a fairly long beach with plenty of little spots to play. I almost like it better when the tide is partway out! There is a large rock to explore out at the end of a sandbar and lots of little pools to splash in and reflect the sun and sky where the stream to the wetlands connects with the ocean. Both girls were blissfully happy playing in the sand, thankfully since it was still a bit cool to play long in the water. Sweaters over swimsuits were both cute and practical. We can't wait to explore more together this summer!

Adelaide 24/52

Cecelia 24/52

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