Maine Family Photographer - Week 21/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 21/52. We celebrated the birthday of one of Adelaide's school friends this week. You can read the continuing joy after the party on her face in this photo. Her joy is my favorite thing about this moment, nothing makes me happier.  

We take a lot of little walks with the girls down our long driveway, sometimes meandering into the woods, other days remaining on the path. I love exploring with both of the girls, and it is so interesting to see how observant Cecelia has become. She will gasp with excitement, her mouth in a tiny oval, as she sees a V of Canadian geese on their migration and hears their honking. My husband has been catching his own bait fish for fishing this year, and she asks often to see the "wishies." She recently learned the word spider, and now nearly any bug she spots is greeted with a loud shout by that name. Puddles are made for splashing and flowers for picking and tossing in the air. Every moment is an adventure with this girl. 

Adelaide 21/52


Cecelia 21/52

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