Maine Family Photographer - Week 20/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 20/52. Following our Mother's day tradition from the last few years, we went to a local garden center, Garden Spot Farm, to jump start our garden for spring. It was a rainy Mother's day this year, but a cloudy day inside the greenhouses was like shooting in a lightbox, conditions to make almost any photographer happy! Adelaide and I read the names of all the flowers she liked as she collected fallen blooms on the ground to bring home. Once we got back, we took out my old Webster's dictionary that weighs over 5 pounds and laid them all out on layers of paper towels inside. Later this summer we'll take them out on another rainy day and turn them into a mobile to hang near their bedroom window. 

  They had treats out for Mother's day and Cecelia nibbled on her peanut butter cookie nearly the entire time we browsed the flowers and searched for the right types of tomatoes. She carried it in and out of the greenhouses and as she waded through the deep puddles out by the larger shrubs. With her "moots" and her raincoat on, she was happy as a clam on this rainy day. 

Adelaide 20/52


Cecelia 20/52

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