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Week 18/52. I've written about her imagination before, and I love the endless scenarios she creates that inevitably show up in this weekly project from time to time. This week she was creating soups, of which there were 3: the mama, the daddy, and the baby soup. She used large twigs to stir as she added ingredients. Many nearby items were found to be "just what it needs." Dried leaves were crumbled, moss was gathered and torn, little bits of pebbles and sand were scraped up and stirred into each member of the Soup Family. As she played it brought to mind the familiar story of Stone Soup (click for Wiki link or here to purchase the copy we own, I love the old illustrations!) While she didn't create anything as delicious as stone soup, it was a great way to combine our play time and a story we can read to bring it to life. 

  Cecelia developed so much over the winter, this will really be the first summer she might remember as she gets older. Perhaps our absurdly late snowstorm will linger in her memories, especially since she loves the snow so much. I wasn't thrilled for our April snowstorm, but I'm a sucker for a beautiful scene. Naturally the snow drifting slowly to the ground and coating our new shoots of grass and spring bulbs was irresistible to both of us. By our next snowfall she will likely be 6 months older and won't pronounce snow the same way. I'm not feeling prepared for all the changes ahead in both of my girls, but we will take them as they come. I'm so thankful when I think about how this project will allow us all to look back at the end of the year. 

Adelaide 18/52


Cecelia 18/52

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