Maine Family Photographer - Week 17/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 17/52. There have been so many amazing things Adelaide has learned in kindergarten this year, but one less impressive thing she picked up from some of the other kids is the idea that she can be bored. I rarely meet another person with such imagination and it never really turns off; she is constantly creating stories, drawings, and scenarios. Despite all this, one day during April vacation while playing outside she came over to me and said the phrase dreaded by parents everywhere: I'm bored! Thinking on my feet, I said "Would you like me to get your purple silk? You can wear it like a cape." Adelaide: "Yes, please" (phew!!!!) Within moments she was pretending she was an eaglet in its nest up in her fort, screeching at me to warn me away when I came near. 

  Cecelia has loved our cat Oscar pretty much from the first moment she noticed him. Before she could speak she would smile, reach out, even look around for him in a room. These days she often searches for him in the house, walking around calling his name. When she comes across him by surprise she says his name with joy and immediately sits down to pet him, often leaning in to give him a kiss. There were a few months in which we had to watch carefully while she learned how to be gentle, but what can you expect of a 9 month old? At nearly twice that age now, the only thing we have to watch out for are his grouchy moments or the rare occasion when she sits down and accidentally corners him so he can't get away when he is done being petted. I love seeing them together, my fur baby we raised from a 4 week old abandoned kitten and my wild crazy toddler girl showing her gentle side to be with him. 

Adelaide 17/52


Cecelia 17/52

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