Maine Family Photographer - Week 16/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 16/52. The balance is always tipping, Adelaide, one happy carefree moment together changing rapidly into one of screaming defiance. I remember my childhood outbursts dimly, recall wanting to just have my way and not wanting to give in. I try my best to hold onto these memories and my patience when you refuse to simply brush your teeth at night or have your hair done after breakfast. Somehow we will make it through these moments together and learn to communicate with each other during our frustration, I hope sooner rather than later, so we can have someplace to begin before you become a tween or teen. Right now I will enjoy your blissful moments all the more, knowing that you feel it all deeply, and that your moments of happiness are all the more powerful because of this. "Keep your face toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you" - Walt Whitman

  Cecelia, you terrify my poor mama heart with your daring. I think you must just be trying to keep up with your big sister, and so why shouldn't you climb a 5 foot ladder if she does? Only she is 4 years older and has at least a small amount of concern for her safety. Your desire to keep up has also manifested into a large vocabulary, you can communicate almost anything you want or need from us. Whether it is telling us you are "Hongry. Bressis? Nana, pwees" (toddler speak (ts) for: I'm hungry, breakfast? banana, please) or "'Side, boots off. Opee do-ee?" (ts: I want to go outside, I'll  put my boots on. Open the door?) I'll enjoy the benefits of your precociousness and try never to forget I'm your spotter as you climb up to these new heights. 

Adelaide 16/52


Cecelia 16/52

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