Maine Children's Photographer - Cecelia 6 month - wildorchard

  It is finally spring in Maine! I can hardly believe it is here at last...and at the same time, as much as the cold weather dragged on, it feels like the past 6 months have gone by in a flash. Before I had my girls, there were times that seemed to go quickly, but none have flown by so much as these months and years with them. Adelaide is suddenly signed up for kindergarten, and my sweet baby has been with us for half a year already! Where have all the hours and minutes of cuddles, nursing, tears, smiles, laughter, teething, sleep (and lack of sleep) gone?! It is rarely easy being a parent, and looking back on all the things you will never experience again with your little is bittersweet; it was full of love, and there is still so much to look forward to. Hold them close when we can, let the tough moments fade...and take lots of pictures so we never forget the kissable cheeks!

  Also, I couldn't resist using the same basket setup and location for some of Cecelia's photos. Partly for comparison, but partly to use my grams sweater in a little way and bring her memory into Cecelia's life. Isn't it crazy how much she has changed? Here is her newborn session so you can see for yourself! 

sweater dress - babyGap

red basket stuffer - vintage (knit by my great grammie Kinney)

bonnet - vintage

pink cheesecloth - Custom Photo Props

blue dress - vintage

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