Maine Portrait Photographer - Betty Louise Studio 8.2014 - wildorchard

Looking for a fun new crafting blog or just locally handmade hats and awesome pirate doll presents for a special little someone? Welcome in betty*louise studio and its founder, Katie. I met Katie a few years ago through a mutual friend, and started following her on instagram this year (follow her @katie_bettylouisestudio or find her online at She contacted me this month to shoot some photos of her wearing her super cozy hats. Katie's hats will be available this fall, so be sure to follow Katie on Instagram for betty*louise studio's latest updates and product availability (you can also contact her directly for a special order!) We had a great time chatting away during the session about our  kids (eldest are both 4!), being working moms, and our businesses. So glad to have spent a beautiful summer evening getting to know Katie, and LOVE that I get to help out another growing business in Maine!

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