Maine Family Photographer - Week 7/52 #the52project - wildorchard

Week 7/52. Life has a funny way of springing things at you all at once some weeks. Here we are and I should be posting week 8, which I will...but last week was a little too crazy for editing the photos. I managed to take photos that I love of my girls last week and the week before, and right now that is enough! When you find yourself uncharacteristically sharing your vehicle with your husband while his is in the shop, your youngest gets large and unexplained hives, your oldest is on school vacation, and all your plans for the week go awry, you just have to give yourself a little grace, right? Week 7 was all about finding the light in my moments with the girls, taking the time to appreciate our moments of winter sunshine when they happened and making the best of the grayness when they do not. After all, clouds are mother nature's light diffusers. 

Adelaide week 7/52

cecelia week 7/52

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